Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old photo

Trying to bring this blog up to date (contents and visuals),  I was going through some pictures on the hard drive.  Buried in there, I found the below picture of my ride up the Tourmalet last year.  Though I know it's not current at all, I like the picture a lot and it's the only one of all the pics I took while riding (you can't really get off the bike to take pics as that looks way too touristy) that captures the length and height of the climb.  This was only about 3/4 of the way up.


  1. Great shot of the Tourmolet Syl. Would love the chance to climb this one day......not so keen on racing up it like the pros do though!! There looks something deeply tempting to just roll down it too

    Nicely written blog......even if its another race one for me to envy at!


  2. Tx Jez! Going down was remarkably scary as you would pick up a crazy amount of speed by just letting go of the death grip on the brakes...