Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Bike

Haven't ridden it yet but thought I'd post some pics.  Will hopefully spend a couple of hours this afternoon seeing what that whole 29er thing is about.  I am pretty nervous as buying a bike sight unseen and un-demoed is risky.  I will say that this bike in person is absolutely gorgeous!

I was a little disappointed the weight did not come in as advertised (23. 57 lbs) but of course not surprised.
The Shimano 520 pedals are of course a boat anchor as are a couple of other components on here.  First upgrade will be a straight seatpost.  34.9 is not a common size so I'll most likely go with an Easton EC 70 (the largest EC90 is 31.6).


  1. Nice bike sly. And don't worry about the weight that's good going for a 29er. Think Scott have weird scales anyway. Let's us know how it rides.
    29ers still haven't caught on around here, but seem a much bigger thing in America. Not sure why. I'm yet to meet someone who rides one!!

  2. Jez, I would imaginge the 29er movement should catch in Europe now that Kulhavy (sp?) won the world cup on one!

  3. That's still over a pound lighter than either of my bikes set up as a geared HT...but then again when was the last time you saw me riding a geared HT?