Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Musical Interlude...

2013 Battle of Burlingame

I forgot to mention in my last post that I now ride w/ NBX.  Kit was not quite ready for this race but I should have it for the next one.  Pretty exited about it as there are a lot of really good people on the team, and by good I mean cool people, not just fast riders.  I'll still continue to ride with Providence Velo Club, but will race under the NBX banner.  So here are the links for the team sponsors:

NBX bike  /  Narragansett Beer   /  Apex Technologies        

Give them a click to support them!  Thanks.

Back to racing... and a great pic by Meg:

Race course was super fast with a couple of sections to keep it a Mountain bike race.  Liz, John, and I pre rode the lap right before the start of our race to warm up, and it still amaze me to this day how different a course is when just riding it vs racing it.  Even the techy ledge section on the pre ride was very manageable (coming down it in the above pic), yet it totally stumped me for the first four laps of the race.  I finally got the rhythm of it on the fifth and last lap.

Anyways, since I only have one minute to write this report, the skinny of it is that I finished 5th...

Here are some other cool shots by some local riders who took the time to shoot these: