Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lynskey Review Number Deux

I've had more time on the bike and thought I should post a follow up. I very much love the bike, and could really not be happier w/ it!

The only complaint I have with it, which I mentioned previously, is that while standing and climbing steep sections, I do have to shift my weight back just a bit so that the rear tire doesn't skip and bounce. I've replaced my rear tire to a new 2.25 Schwable RR, that I run at 20 psi tubeless and it still skips around when standing up.  But that is really the only complaint I have now.

I've also continued to experience one other problem, but I don't think it's the bike fault. I've replaced the old crank, a Shimano XT from circa 1200 BC, w/ a XT 770, but continue to have problems w/ dropping the chain and occasional chain suck.  Not sure why this happening, but hopefully it should not not be an issue soon as I am going single speed!

I just remembered another issue I had.  I broke my pricey Ritchey Superlogic post. The fairly new post snapped right at the post clamp.  Clean brake.  I should point out I only weight 145 lbs, and I know for a fact I did not have that clamp overtightened!  I was not happy.  Lesson learned though.  27.2 is a little too skinny to buy carbon.  I will be ordering a Thompson Masterpiece to replace it.

My likes of the bike in the previous review have been reinforced.   My two favorite thing about the bike is how comfortable the bike is.  And not just for a hard tail!   The ti is really comfortable and truly absorbs the harsh hit from the ground.  I almost always ride the fork locked out and am contemplating buying a rigid fork at some point for it. And that is for a guy who has ridden full susp. bikes all his life and has low tolerance for things that are not comfortable!  I have found no flex in the bike when pedaling and am glad I went w/ the Ridgeline as I think the Pro model for me would have been overkill since I cannot bend this frame.

The best feature though is how quick handling it is.  I know we are in era of slack head tubes for 29ers, but the Lynskey has what to me is the right HA at 70.5.  This really helps to get this bike around the corners quickly and with out issues.  Tight and twisty trails are a real pleasure and the bike flies through it!  I used to have a hard time keeping up w/ this very good rider I ride w/ (you know, one of those motorcycle guys who know how to push two wheels through a corner), especially on the Scott.  On the Lynskey though, I find I have to slow down to not run into him at the exit of the turns!  The bike is fast and maneuverable.

I have also gotten comfortable throwing the bike over stumps, around techy terrain, and off jumps.   Unlike my Scott 29er, this bike is really easy to get off the ground, both front and rear.  It kinda reminds of riding a 26er, but w/ the 29er and ti features: it's fast, throwable, but never squirrely  or unstable, and quite comfortable, w/out flexing.

The Titanium is nice beyond the ride characteristics.  I have crashed a couple of times, and it's nice not having to worry about any carbon cracking, meaning I get to try to save my body instead of the bike.  I used to have three carbon worries: 1) I might crash and the bike would go flying and land sideways on some sharp rock which would crack the frame.  2) I might drop off a rock which would catch the bb area and crack the frame.  3) I could pick up a stick w/ the rear wheel which would snap the derailleur hanger and swing the derailleur around to the seat stays, which would...  It's nice to not have any of those worries anymore. I think it does allow me to enter technical sections with more confidence and momentum. Another great thing about Ti is that it cleans up very quickly and easily, and once clean, the bike looks like it just role off the showroom floor!

My hope at this time is that I can get another.  One will be set up single speed, and the other for the days I need a couple of gears.