Monday, May 7, 2012

Massasoit Lung Challenge Race

I dnf'ed!  Fhack!  What else is there to say.   Well I guess I should point out that it was due to a mechanical, not due to lack of legs or lungs.  Though that could have happened too eventually but since I only made it around once, was not able to find out.

I was actually doing well on that first lap and had decided to go out from the start at a higher pace than usual and try to see if I could hang in.  I did.  I was w/ guys I normally loose  at the start and even passing many of them.  I was feeling pretty good to. I was a crazy fast pace (comp said I avg 13.4 mph for that 1 lap).  But right as the lap was about to get to the start/finish area, my rear wheel spun up a stick that somehow knocked off my Polar cadence sensor (did not realize that until I was home and my cadence sensor was not working anymore.  And those damn things are expensive to replace!), and somehow bend my rear wheel so much, it would no longer spin through the chainstays.  I took the wheel off and tried to hit it back into a functionally straight wheel but it was still rubbing too much.  I finished the end of the lap on foot.  Went home quickly, swapped the rear wheel for a straight one, and went for a hill repeat ride.  Better than nothing!

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