Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Junky Legs

Plagued by a head/ chest cold, rivers of snot, and junky legs for the past two weeks, I have decided this on/ off riding/training is not working.  Well...I have not just decided that, since my riding and racing results have slapped me in the face with it!  Trying to ride hard the moment I felt better (about once a week) to then only feel like crap again the next day is just not sustainable.   The only "mature" thing (just typing that word hurts) to do, is to scratch everything and start fresh.  And the start of a start is of course with a full rest week to try to get better and give the legs a clean slate to start from (I guess there are many "starts" in a start!)  Though my training does not call for it, and therefor set me back a little bit in the here and now, it does seem like the logical/mature thing to do and what will benefit me in the long term.  So I am going to go home and drink a full bottle of Beaujolais Villages to celebrate yet another "rest week".   My Hopbrook race report should be posted soon!


  1. sorry to hear that youre struggling with annoying illness syl. Nothing worse than best laid plans going to pot. I Swear by taking 1000mg of Vitamin C in my diet every day, and if I feel the hint of a cold I double it. So far no cold or illness all winter.

    Hope the rest works


  2. Bottle of wine is not the answer unless you want to be sick for another week or two. might be too late for that advice.

    Not enough easy days I'm guessing. Even for a build period.

  3. I drink the wine to go w/ my whine!