Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Want it Wednesday...hopefully sooner than later

So I bought a new bike.  Not a top of line bike but a nice carbon frame w/ a good medium parts list on it.  Unlike my Spech Epic Sworks, it's actually a nice way to buy a bike as it leaves rooms for upgrades and for personal customization.  I can now day dream about shiny new parts and spend countless of wasted hours online doing research of what is the best price per gram component.  I have a list of every part I want to upgrade and have started an excel doc listing component maker, weight, price, etc...  So far on the bike I have upgraded my seat post to an Easton EC 70 I found new on ebay for $45.  Next is this:

in black of course...

It's an odd looking saddle w/ some very mixed reviews.  Mtbr reviews are a little silly as some are posting you can only ride it w/ "padded shorts".   Duh...silly noobs!  I don't think I have been on a bike w/ out my padded bibs in years so that is no issues.  The other biggest complaint is that they are designed to only last about 1 year.  After one year the plastic tends to crack and the whole saddle needs to be replaced. From the reviews online, this seems to be true for mostly heavier riders.  Since I am pretty light, I am hoping that it will last me two years.  What attracts me to this saddle is of course its light 140 grams and it is supposed to offer a fair amount of trail dampening.  Good for hardtails!  All this can be found on ebay for about $80.   Since my current Scott Scale Saddle comes in at 265,  that is ratio of .68 grams per dollar.

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  1. Only complaint I've heard is that your arse gets wetter than with a normal saddle!!
    Thanks for joining in with linky party Syl, great to see more bike wants!! I've now also linked my blog post to yours, which I do anytime someone takes part. All I ask is could you link these posts back to my linky wizard you filled out please. It then forms a loop from yours to mine and others so you should see an increase in traffic and hopefully more followers.
    Thanks again

  2. @ 135 pounds I broke one of those in 2 months.

  3. Crap! You are really lighter than me? Faster and lighter! Guess i should pass up on this saddle but that puts me back to looking at them pricey SLR xc saddles...