Saturday, August 29, 2009

Root 66 Race Series, Norcross Scurry, Asford, CT

Abbreviated Race Report for the Norcross Scurry, Root 66 Mtb Race Series, 8/29/2009

Weather: If you stuck your head out on Saturday (or raced), you know…full storm, just downgraded from a hurricane

Course: 6 miles of ankle deep peanut butter mud w/ rocks and roots hidden under all of that. Anything with more than a 3% grade up was unrideable due to loss of traction. Even on the flat sections it was a granny gear spin to keep your traction. Then it would be spinning like crazy to only be moving at 3 mph.

Race: start..mud in your eye….run…run…run some more, ride, back to running, running some more…ride, mud in both eyes…blind…rocks…otb…run…ride…otb again…swearing, cursing, drop of water bottle…run…fall while running, some more cursing..ride.. finished 1st. 

The picture is Nate, a team mate who was brave enough to come out and play on this day!

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