Sunday, July 5, 2009

Root 66 Race Series: Domnarski Farm Race

Race Report for Domarski Farm, Root 66 MTB race series 7/5/2009
This was a good family venue: not too far of a drive, on a horse farm with lotsof cute horses you could pet/feed, a zip line and a pond the kids could use.Course had lots of climbing, with some pretty techy terrain, such as lots of wetrocks and giant rocky mud pits. Last year I went OTB hard on some steep rockymuddy downhill section. I recognized the spot right away, but w/ my newsuperduper fast and stable bike, it was no problem this year! I tried ridingthrough the first mud pit but after seeing my front wheel disapear past the huband get stuck, I ran the rest of them. Most of them were at least knee deep anddid not smell so fresh. At one point there was a swamp crossing, requiring youto negotiate several very long and skiny planks (some were 2x4). I of coursesliped and fell in. The water was almost waist deep and very warm and green. When I got out, I was expecting to find several leeches attached to my legs.The usuals suspects lined up at the starting line and when the took off, the guywho always takes off fast and then blows up, took off! I stayed w/ him andwaited for him to blow and passed him. Never saw anyone from my groupthroughout the race again, and ended up winning by 3 mins. Some guy in sneakerstook third.

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